I sold my place in London and moved to a village just outside Slough


I had enough of living in London and wanted something different in my life. At first, I did not miss escorting at all, but after a couple of months, I started to lose escorting. Instead of going back to London, I got myself a job with Slough escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/slough-escorts. It is only a part-time job, but I must that I enjoy the experience of working in Slough. Things are a little bit quieter, and I do feel a lot more chilled out.

Do I regret moving out of London? I knew that I was going to miss London a bit, so I did not want to be a million miles away from London. Slough seemed the perfect alternative. I can easily catch the train, and when I have time off from Slough escorts, I often go to London shopping. I do like it here, and I love the village where I live. It has the most fantastic beech trees, and sometimes I go and sit under them. My little town is a sanctuary for me.

Nobody in the village knows that I work for Slough escorts. It is that sort of community where you will stand find the Women’s Institute and things like that. I love it, and I have made some good friends in the village. My fellow villagers don’t even know that I used to work for an escorts service in London. I don’t know what they would think of me if I let the cat out of it. My friends in the village are great, but they do enjoy a different lifestyle than mine. I let them get on with it, and we are all friends.

Do I have any plans? I do have ideas that I would like to become a florist. Our little village does not have a florist. I know that there would not be a lot of business, but I plan to use my earnings from Slough escorts to pay for a florist course. Yes, I will need a little place, so I have already bought a small shop unit on the High Street. I plan to combine my floristry with restoring furniture, and I think that would work pretty well. It is the sort of thing that would make me happy.

I have no plans to find a man to get married. That is something which is in the future and not on the cards yet. Currently, my focus is on my part-time job with Slough escorts, and I love the fact that I have some time to myself. It is almost like I am going through an adjustment period, which helps a lot. I have a lot of confidence in my future life, and I have this very sneaky suspicion that I will do well in life. Leaving outside of London is for me, and has changed me a lot. I feel a lot more grounded and calmer somehow. Perhaps it would be okay to say that my entire life has changed.

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